As a result of the health problem I realized I had (starting reading from my blog post on November 10), wait, I am not sure what I am about to say is a result of a health problem… Let me start over.

I have a sensitive skull region. I am in my head, as ‘they’ say, often. If I would like to get out of that head space, my husband can touch my face or comb my hair (while he combs, I think “This feels good” “I hope he doesn’t stop” “Stop thinking about when he’s going to stop and think about how good this feels”. Oh, the thinking.).

If you’d like to make me cry (and I hope you don’t) with little effort on your part, rap me lightly on the head. If I bang my head, even slightly, I become melancholy, tearful, and even whiny. I admit it, whiny, I become whiny. My least favorite state of being to be in or around. I bet there’s a perfect homeopathic remedy for that oddball way of mine.

Ask my husband, he’ll tell you all about it. “Owwww, oww. Ow. I just bonked my head on a purlin,” I say as we work in the greenhouse. Whimper, whimper. I mean truly a ‘bonk’ not a ‘slam’ or a ‘crack’, and I whimper. I can slam or crack other body parts. It happens, and I am fine. Fine after I say, “D/mn it” or something else. Just not the head, thanks.