Weekend MovNat Workshop

I have this space and really want to talk about some great experiences I have had lately…

A couple weeks ago I did a MovNat weekend workshop. Two days of natural movement practices - breathing, sitting, standing, crawling, walking, balancing, lifting, jumping, hanging, swinging, vaulting. Moving.

I’d taken a couple hour MovNat class with Ryan McGowan of Laid-back Fitness (Warwick, RI) this summer at the Dawnland Gathering in Maine. Loved it. Learned a ton. Felt happily sore the next day and went back for another couple hour class.

I was lucky enough to find a MovNat workshop at Axiom Fitness just an hour away in Montville, NJ. A couple of us were from Jersey or Pennsylvania, with others coming from New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and the South. One participant came up from Mexico City. The workshop was taught by the highly capable Stefano Tripney of More Capable Human.

I spent many weeks ruminating over whether to plunk the money down on the weekend. I went for it. I justified it in the following ways:

I want treat myself to something daring every so often.
I spend a lot of time lifting and moving. Might as well do it right.
I’m getting older. Gotta take care of this body.
I like to have fun.

I had fun. I fell on my /ss. A fine way to spend the weekend.