As the drizzle picked up, so did my pace. My basket was filled with a meal’s worth of chickweed, field garlic, and a bit of cutleaf coneflower from down field. I came around the bend and up the hill. Jared and Beren stood before a nearly empty clothesline. As the drizzle picked up, so did their pace.

“I was just coming up to do exactly that,” I said. The laundry basket was filled, the clothesline empty. Beren struggled down the hill with the basket on his way to the house.

“It began to rain, and Beren signaled the alarm to bring in the laundry,” Jared said.

“Well, high fives, everyone,” I replied.

“I would but my hands are full,” said Beren. I smiled.

Later, I told Jared, realizing how it was asking to much or maybe nothing at all, “You know, I just need to be charmed liked that a couple times a week.