These Days are Bullsh/t


These days have been some not easy days. Not easy at all. Teeth gritting, iron heart days.

Some will say, “That’s life. Just the way it is.” Others will say, “One day at a time.” Or, “Have gratitude.” “This too shall pass.” “Deal.” “Man up.” “Handle your sh/t.” “Don’t worry.” “It’s ok.” “It will be ok.” “Oh, well.” “I’ll pray for you.” “Sending you hugs.” “Thinking of you.” “G/d only gives you what you can handle.” “That’s the way…”

I’ve said or thought those things, too. I think all those words hold some truth and some bullsh/t.

These have been some tough days, and I impatiently await their end.


I once read a particularly memorable point/counterpoint in The Onion, a satirical newspaper. Written by Jesus (Himself) and Jim Steinhauer, the article is called “It Was Then That I Carried You vs. Bullshit, Jesus, Those Are Obviously My Footprints”.

Jesus tells Jim how he carried Jim when Jim needed to be carried. Just as in the famous “Footprints in the Sand” poem. Jim, as you might imagine, tells Jesus otherwise.

Sometimes when times are tough, Jared or I will comment to the other simply, “Bullsh/t, Jesus.”