A Wedding

Yesterday, I went to the wedding of a dear friend’s son and now daughter-in-law.

Thanks to the speed of digital film and social media, I’m already looking at a wedding photograph. A group of friends, including me. We’re all smiling. We’re all truly happy. We’re all linked through La Leche League. We all share so much in common. Though our lives and families are so different, we share a thread.

It was a special night at a beautiful place. The newlyweds were radiant. So happy and blessed with deep goodness. The groom’s older sister was the officiant, and her singing was divine.

Later, we sat at our tables, drinking wine. I listened to my friend’s toast to her beloved son and daughter-in-law, the tears came. Her words were so loving and heartfelt, simple and true.

I turned to my husband and said, “One day this will be our little boy.” I looked at Jared. His eyes were moist, too.

Words don’t adequately describe how much love was in the room. Life is to be lived. Beautiful beautiful beautiful.