January 29, Day 11 of 30 Day Music Challenge

This is work. Real work. At the end of my work day plus home school, I still write. I have about an hour down to fifteen minutes to write. I have less than that today.


Stereo systems and radios, cd players and pre-amps, walkmen (walkmans? what is the plural here?) and discmen (again?), speakers, cables, cords, and connectors. I have sent many to their grave.

Earphones were the worst. Regardless of the amount of money I spent on earphones, they always broke. I went to the dollar store in the Phillipsburg Mall for replacement earphones while they stocked them.

The wiring just after the input jack went first. The crackle and fuzz. One earphone without sound. Wiggling the wiring, bending the wiring, pressing the wiring into the input jack.

The pads covering the earphones went, too, leaving my ear exposed to the hard plastic of the speaker. I likely still have foam bits somewhere in my ear canals, which were too small for the bud style earphones.

They just never lasted.

I wanted to listen to my Guns n' Roses or Duran Duran or INXS or The Cure, now and here, for g/d's sake. In peace and loudly.