Mississippi John Hurt / Losing a Tooth

January 26, 2018, Day 8 of 30 Day Music Challenge

Route 29 heading north. Mississippi John Hurt's Complete Recordings is playing. Soothing, sweet, gentle, even the songs are about guns, death, and affairs. Others are about death, trouble, hard times, and the Lord. Others are about love.

I look over my shoulder. Beren is intently reading an Avatar comic. He pauses to regard the bloody apple in his hand. I am silent. I glance back at the road and back at his apple.

He returns to reading. He takes another bite of the apple. I am surprised. I thought he would hand it to me.

"Hey, Honey, Right Away" comes on.

"Momma, I think I lost another tooth," Beren says.

"Ok, I'll take it," I say and reach back. His tooth rests on the table next to me as I write this.

In the evening, I returned from a late night with a friend. Upstairs, Beren and Jared snuggle in bed. They pretend to be asleep with the lights on. Their snores become laughter. I look at their smiling faces. Beren's smile, missing three teeth.