Discourage Weakly / Jin Ji Du Li

January 24, 2018, Day 6 of 30 Day Music Challenge

Beren was quietly reading. I wanted to practice kung fu with out disturbing him. In our small creaky house, only breathing and rooting training qualified. I had asked my teacher for homework in last week's class, and this practice was assigned. I use the iPod as my timer. Jared was out. He took the iPod with him tonight, so no timer.

I opted to turn on our Spotify account's Discover Weekly, which is usually, for me, Discourage Weakly. Scanning the songs, I figured each would be about 3 to 5 minutes long, giving me a sense of when to switch my breathing or stance.

A few songs in, I went into Jin Ji Du Li (Golden Rooster Standing on One Leg, an upright stance with one leg bent at the knee and held up). I heard the ominous beats of old school hip hop. "This is going to be a long song," I thought. It was.

I felt beholden to Spotify, randomness, and mania to stand in Jin Ji Du Li until the song was through. My legs ached. And though, I was getting a work out, I had no focus. Spotify will not be my timer again.


Yesterday in class, I set up to do a tornado kick and faltered before getting off the ground. "This is why I am here. I am afraid of failing," I thought.

A tornado kick is a 180 degree spinning double kick in which one knee goes up, and in this case, the other leg kicks out and sweeps inward. I will.