A child's query

I finally got Jared and Beren to take me back to Moo in New Hope, PA. Lord, their burgers are good. You know, when I quit being a vegetarian in my very late teens or very early twenties (the timing has been lost to time), my first non-vegetarian meal was a fish sandwich at McDonald's. I was out with my Mom, and just said to myself, "The hell with this. I need some meat."

This likely surprises, disgusts or dismays some readers and friends, bur remember, "The hell with this. I need some meat."

So yeah, Moo, with its super cool logo that riffs on Milwaukee power tools, is a good fast food option for mothers like me who spend lots of money on organics and local food but still love a greasy, fatty burger (made with local ingredients). Damn it.

Mainstream 1990s hip hop accompanied our meal. First up was "Doo Wop (That Thing)" by Lauren Hill. Beren, our 7 year old music critic, asked, "Why doesn't anyone listen to any good music anymore these days?"

Jared added, "This is like mall music. Nothing about it stands out. Well, maybe H&M music."

I thought the song was catchy in its day, and I still think Lauren Hill has an interesting voice. A bit raw, a bit unpleasant and edgy in a good and unique way.

Next, a really poppy hip hop some that I can only kind of murmur-hum the chorus which was sung by a woman. Something about a butterfly? "And we can love one another. Aha..." Ring any bells?