The Otter and Flipper and Sisters

Otter at the Wild Center, Adirondacks, Tupper Lake, NY, June 28, 2017

Otter at the Wild Center, Adirondacks, Tupper Lake, NY, June 28, 2017

Ladies night at a friend's house tonight. On the hour drive, the music player -- I can't bring myself to say iPod...I am still in the days of the boom box on the passenger seat blasting cassettes because the vehicle's music system ate a tape permanently and no CPR, screwdrivers, or pounding of the eject button could save the thing -- the modern music player, played "The Misery Shows (Act II)" by Trouble, making the tally for that song 4 times in a handful of days. Algorithmic mystery. The Misery Shows (Act II) was bracketed by two Flipper songs.

I surrendered and spent the remainder of the drive listening to Flipper. It was mindbending. It was like listening to a car accident. The sounds, the lyrics.

I have an affection for Flipper. The band made certain my then boyfriend's (now husband) love for me. I am sure there were a couple other things, too, that made him love me, but Flipper... One afternoon we were driving around in his van (which had a boom box that we fed countless C batteries to). If memory serves, we were on route 519 in Alpha. Over the roar of the van's engine, I sang spontaneously to him, "That's the way of the world. That's the way of the world."

He glanced away from the road and looked at me. He had love and admiration in his eyes and a slight smile. Could he have been thinking, "At last, a woman who is strange enough to know Flipper lyrics. Ah, my true love."? I don't know. Maybe it was the flood of adrenaline and weirdness that only Flipper's distorted madness can bring on. I will have to ask him.

By the time I arrived at my friend's home, I was in a Flipper state of mind. Food, drinks, and talking with women about work, creativity, kids, relationships, education, and sex, well, the Flipper state of mind faded quickly. Meanwhile, my friend's stereo system cranked out its own state of mind - global sounds, Gang of Four, Steve Reich.

And then, things got witchy. The medicine decks came out. I pulled the Otter card. Feminine energy. Joy. Play. "As a power animal, Otter stresses the need for compassionate understanding, balanced judgment and generous sharing," say the book companion to the set. 

Spider, Dolphin, and Lynx also visited our party.

All I can say at this late hour is: time with my sisters saves my life. Saves my life! Pours new energy and understanding into my self. It's after midnight and I am exhausted and full of energy.