Eric Clapton Lyrics Impress Middle Aged Woman

Signs of advancing age:

Wrinkles - Yes

Grey Hairs - Yes

Creaking Joints - Yes

Enjoying Flavors of Ice Cream Other Than Chocolate - Yes

Hearing Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" and Thinking, You Know, That's Kind of Nice - Yes

I used to hate, hate, hate that song. Sappy. Unremarkable songwriting and instrumentation. There is a guitar, but are there other instruments? I never bothered to listen closely enough. The wheedling guitar is at the forefront, obscuring all otther sounds.

Oh, the tuneless vocals. Sure, the singing enhances the message: Wife = Total Babe. Husband = Lucky Loser. Of course, the husband is Eric Clapton. Not really a loser, but he poses as one and lets his wife be the "beautiful lay-dee" in this song. In the background, my conscience says, This guy also did "Tears From Heaven", a tribute to his child-son who died tragically, so go easy. Don't invite bad luck!

The song remains all that it is. And yet, on the way home from the grocery store one afternoon, a classic rock station played "Wonderful Tonight". Knowing there was nothing else besides country, Popular R&B, and NPR that would come in as I drove along the red shale bluffs that rise from the Delaware River, I chose Eric Clapton.

"You know, this is a nice song," I thought. Hm? Wait. This is no "Night Moves" by Bob Seeger. This is "Wonderful Tonight".

I sang along. I just a little teeny bit imagined myself as the oblivious, modest, and pretty lady in the lyrics.

I admitted this to my husband. I figured he would be both ok with my slip up (liking an awful pop song) and find it amusing. I could never admit that I teensy weensy imagined my husband thinking of me as the pretty lady. But, shucks, the cat's outta the bag now. Anyone, including my husband, will know my secret. The little part I didn't admit.

I could never admit liking "Wonderful Tonight" to one of our longtime friends. John K. John K. would laugh, shake his head, and say, "Oh, Jesus Christ, Rachel, you are getting old. Living out in the woods is making you go soft!"

Luckily, John K. does not use the internet. But because John is a wise ass and good friend with whom I like to share good laughs, I may just tell him and let him bust my chops.