Unprofessional Self Portrait
 These kids have known each other almost seven years.
 The leaders


Morning. Jared and I were the subjects of a professional photography session. Outdoors at the photographer's home. We had to find native plants for the background and foreground, which was an interesting challenge.

I wore make up. It felt good. My hair behaved. Jared looked good. We looked good in several photos together. One sweet one really made me smile.

Afternoon. Questioned if I would ever begin my 'work week' this week. We got our costumes on. Witch, Ninja, Pirate.

Evening. We met up with several families and their children at a pizzeria. My costume felt hot.

Night. While trick or treating, Beren is selective about houses he approaches. Several homes do not seem quite right, so he skips them. By the end of the night, Jared and/or I no longer need to accompany him to each door. We are still the ones who say, "thank you".

Beren and his friend hold hands once. I was not able to photograph that moment. Instead, I photographed them as the self-proclaimed "leaders".