Elmo's World and My World

I used 45 minutes of Sesame Street childcare to sort through and hang, fold, or re-box my fall and winter clothes. As I sat down to write, the Elmo's World theme song drifted in form the next room.

I know some families have zero 'screen time'. Once when Beren was sick for the dozenth time last winter, Jared tuned in an old episode of Sesame Street for him. I had mixed feelings. On one hand, up until that point, Beren had really been a zero screen time child.

On the other hand, my zero screen time child is (sorry, kiddo) an incessant groaner when sick. No amount of positive thinking, deep breathing, lavender essential oil, or Rescue Remedy can help me. The groaning ceases while he is read to, but immediately resumes when the story is over.

I have fond memories of my mother putting a cold cloth on my feverish forehead while I watched television. I remember Tetley's tea, Campbell's soup and Ritz crackers. Beren refuses compresses. He refuses most crackers, teas and soups, opting in only for homeopathic sugar pellets. He likes to watch Sesame Street alone, and even asks Jared and I to leave the room. He covers the tablet as we pass by. Only occasionally he asks us to watch with him. And honestly, I enjoy Sesame Street though I never watched it as a child.

So, my child will have fond memories of his mother sneaking away while he was sick. TOday's blog entry was sponsored by the letter "S" for Sesame Street. And with that, I'm done. I hear a miserable voice from the other room, "Momma, Sesame Street is over." Footsteps. Moaning. Kid leaning into my shoulder, moaning. Moaning. Pray for me.