Me, too.

Me, too.

Inspired by a friend's Me, Too story, here's my Me, Too story. Well, among my very first Me, Too stories, and one that settled in and took hold.

c. 1985.
Laneco Department Store in Phillipsburg, New Jersey.

My friend and I explored the department store together. Her mother was elsewhere, shopping. We perused several aisles, talking and laughing, making fun of ugly purses and clothes.

When we reached the toy aisle, I had a strange feeling. A man with messy grey hair was watching us. He had a toy in his hands. He glanced down at the toy as I looked his way. I looked away, and each time I looked back at him, he was looking at us.

We made our way through the store, and everywhere we went, he followed.

"We need to tell someone," I said. "No!" my friend replied. I insisted, and so did she. After a couple minutes, I went to the jewelry counter clerk and told her of my fear. "Walk over to that clothing rack. I will watch him and you. I want to see if he follows you. Then, come back to me." My fear deepened. "I will watch you," she said.

I went to the clothing rack, browsed the items. Shaking. I returned to the clerk. "He's following you. I'll call security."

The man left the store before security could find him.