Lemons taste so good

The past few years, I have embraced the change of seasons. The cooler months mean more rest and different activities. Again, this year I feel myself lifted by the falling of leaves and cool evenings. I am slower to leave the gates, and I appreciate the shift in tempo. I wonder about finding sweet music to accompany this slowing down.

Lemons and lemonade. I have been wondering about making lemonade from lemons. When do I say, "this is lemons, no lemonade to be made here" and when do I say, "this is lemons, let's let the lemon tree grow and enjoy its fruit" or "this is lemons, let's laugh at our sour faces"? 

It is hard when we share space with others, when a loved one is hurting or disappointed. Maybe that loved one is our own self. It can be potent in the air. It can be poisonous, at times. I rush to fix. Or, a loved one rushes to fix me. Or, I become irritable: Fix this! I demand!

Without lemons, all would be sweet. Sweet might become bland. Maybe I would not treasure that memory of the day my son turned 3 months old and his being was golden. Or, the moment my husband touched my arm and it felt so good and fresh. 

Sometimes lemons let me know it is time to change or reflect. Sometimes it is time to lighten up. Sometimes it just a moment of lemons, teeny tiny ones taken in perspective but they seem so large.

A quote from a martial arts memior, I can't recall the title... "Take large problems and turn them into no problems. Take small problems and turn them into no problems at all."

PS I have gotten some kind well wishes lately. Thank you, I am well. I wish you well, too.