Crystal Powers

Today we made three types of super saturated solutions to make crystals. The first was a kit with monoammonium phosphate. The instructions came with many dire warnings, so Beren and put on nitrile gloves and safety glasses. 

Jared was outside with the string trimmer, similiarly protected.

The second  is sugar crystals or rock candy. I regret in advance the damage that the crystal will create even more than any monoammonium phosphate dust we may have inhaled. Poor planning on my part as Halloween, the other sugar bomb, is upon us.

Beren became distracted by a self-directed weaving project as I made the sugar solution. He wove wool yarn (taken out for the rock candy to form on) into the openings on his kitchen stool. In one week when the rock candy crystals are ready, he will not be distracted. He will become sugar beast. This is a newer stage in life.

We have the sugar crystals and the monoammonium phosphate crystals besid each other on the window sill to see which will grow faster.

The final crystals we made were from Epsom salts. They took just three hours in the fridge to form. About an hour in, Beren grabbed them out of the fridge. I think the form became a little scrambled by this. So, instead of an irregular shape, the crystals are formed in the shape of the bowl. Not sure though.