Epic Bedtime

Bedtime always epic in our house. The only time bedtime has not been epic was when my son was sick for a week with a fever recently. For about three nights he passed out, on his own, on the couch at about 6:30 p.m. Otherwise, it is epic.

Tonight, we went out for dinner and returned home at about 7:30 which is typically when bedtime begins. Instead of going straight upstairs, we read 3 short books - Jamberry, Dream Snow, and The Snowy Day - beside the wood stove. 

We took an apple and water upstairs. We brushed teeth, etc. Lights out. While Beren munched on an apple, I told an imaginary story about an eclipse (thanks, Debbie, for cluing me in to August 21, 2017).

In the dim light created by our neighbor's Christmas lights, I noticed Beren working at his teeth. "Something stuck in there?" I asked. No answer as he probed his mouth. "Would you like a toothpick?" He got the food out.

Two stories from when Beren was little, back scratching, "favorite cuddle"... I drifted off as Beren breathing deepened. I woke with his arms and legs over my arms and legs. He was asleep.

I made a move to get out of bed. From the depths of the comforter: "Momma, what are you doing?" "Moving a little bit." "Me, too." Then he was out.