Magical Drawings

I opened the rear passenger door to help Beren buckle himself. Though he's recently mastered that task, he already had a pile of paper and pens on his lap.  He wasn't able, or willing, to buckle himself.

I looked at the inside of the door. A line drawing in pen - buildings and stick figures - decorated the fabric around the door handle. Oh! I thought. I paused and consider my options. Blow my top? Stern lecture?

My internal reaction was mild. I was slightly amused, slightly surprised, and just a touch annoyed. Beren and I had spent over an hour together cleaning the well-worn interior of this car last week. I'd vacuumed while he wiped dust from the molded plastic.

Then, the car had been pronounced "clean" despite the lingering odors of plant material and sweaty bodies. "But, what about that spot?" Beren asked pointing to the driver's seat which was covered in dark spots from far too many meals and snacks on the road. "We may need some fabric cleaner for that. It's ok." I'd often looked at the front seats and pondered what cleaner might work - that or dark seat covers.

Where did Beren's happy drawing fall in with what adults had done to this car? Jared and I had plopped down into this vehicle with our dirty clothing regularly, if not daily. We'd spilled coffee, tea, water, dry snacks, sticky snacks, condiments, contents of sandwiches, and so on. We've loaded soil, plants, tools, and more into the car. All leaving their indelible sensory marks on the car.

"I see there's a drawing on the car, Beren," I said quietly in a friendly voice. Jared turned to look from his spot in the driver's seat. Beren looked, too.

"Paper is a good place for drawings," I added.

"I didn't do that," Beren said quickly.





"Who did?" I asked.

"Magic," Beren answered simply.



"Can you tell Magic to do drawings on paper?"

"Magic doesn't have ears," Beren said.

"Ok, can you communicate with Magic in whatever way you can and let Magic know that drawings go on paper?"

Jared looked at me and smirked.