All three at home

Some days all three of us are at home. I often like those days and today is one of those days. Beren has a cough, so we agreed he would be better off at home. I am not sure how working parents do they take a vacation day, a sick day, an unpaid day? Since we have our own business, we get an unpaid day, tucking in emails, consulting work or plant work between parenting and tending the house.

Days when we are all home mean the house is a constant wreck and worsening by the moment. Craft projects, tea cups, soup bowls, soft animals (how we call stuffed or plush animals), various dismantled and reassembled contents of drawers and boxes, anything to pass another minute.

Last time Beren was sick, he was supine for a week. He left the couch only to be carried to the bathroom. This illness is more the usual fare, a spirited kid with variable energy, attention, and patience, and a raspy voice, too.

Earlier in the week, his teacher noted "the frog in his throat" when I picked him up in the afternoon. "There is no frog in there!" Beren told me.

The frog turned to a cough and one rough night, and so now we are all at home. Jared is out sowing seeds. Beren is under the couch eating a potato. I'm sitting on the toilet lid (lid closed, pants on!) taking a moment to write. Downstairs, I hear the toaster oven clicking on, most likely lunch is overcooked, and I am enjoying this moment to myself.