On Weeding

 Hermit sphinx caterpillar

If you like to fail, try weeding. It is not fun. It is mostly useless. It is certainly a mind game.

Even when I think to myself, "I'm privileging the [fill in the blank --- 'native plants', 'the plantings', 'the vegetables', etc], and I don't expect to have a weed-free space", I get tricked. Some corner of my brain must think, "The weeds have been defeated" because when I return a week later or after a rainstorm, there they are. Weeds. And, I'm annoyed or disappointed.

I know there's foragers, herbalists, ecologists, and so on who try to rehabilitate the concept of "weeds". I fit in there. Many weeds are edible, many are native, and they certainly are not invasive species. Yet, crap, man, there are so many weeds out there.

Every year, I get a little closer to planting this place up and hoping that the weeds feel like a germ inside a feverish body. Not so welcome.