Close Act Theatre's SAURUS performance sent us racing through the festival grounds. We chased three dinosaurs and a man on stilts.

Bethlehem's Musikfest... we made it into the city to catch four days out of ten. The first night we headed to SteelStacks (pictures are at the end of this post). The other three we spent in downtown - walking, eating, listening and watching (music, art, performance, and lightning).

Musikfest definitely pulled the summer out of the sh*tter. It has been a rough one but I'll save that story for another time. August is still young, and we've got several more weeks of partying to do.

 When one of the Dutch performers asked, "Were you scared?" Beren replied, "No." I did feel his heart pounding and saw him flinch when the dinosaurs came close. A half hour into the show, Beren noticed a man inside the costume. That realization and my willingness to pet the beak of one dino made Beren a little more comfortable.
We liked SAURUS so much, we came back for the show at dusk. 

 We ate several chicken gyros.

Beren watches a busker. He was inspired by the previous day's acts and dressed accordingly. We thought his boots were a mistake due to the heat, but later it rained.

 Watching a busker just before lightning shut down the evening's events. I tried to find this performers website, but couldn't yet. Daredevil Circus from Australia. Juggled a chainsaw and fire. Contortion. I appreciated how he got the lackluster crowd going through jokes and honesty.

 Our first Musikfest trip was to SteelStacks.
Native gardens at SteelStacks...our local Highline.