Family Business

Jared wrote a great blog piece on having a family business, so it's kinda like, "enough said", but since I like to have the last word... Well, wait, everything he said was true, so this isn't the "last word", not by far, so this is a "yes, and...":
My coworkers and I had a mud fight on vacation just to let off steam. I started it.

Having a family business means that I'm on the clock here, so I better hustle along this this creative endeavor and get back to work. Here we go with some key points:

I vacation with my co-workers. I couldn't get away from them. They just followed me. I took a vacation to get out of various personal ruts, including my guilt about how the hell can I get any work done around here. That's also wound up with guilt number 2, when will my boss let up so I can relax and spend more time with my kid.

Ideally, my boss would let up so I could see my husband, too. Luckily, my husband is likely to stick around once my kid leaves the house. So, I suppose I can catch up with my husband then - in 13 to 15 years when our kid is about 18 or so.

My co-workers came back home with me after vacation. They just followed me. Last night my coworker took a shower in my house and shaved in my sink. I figured if he was so bold, I'd go right ahead and ask him about Virginia waterleaf transplants while he toweled off. We've worked together for awhile, so I had no problem ignoring his lack of clothing.

Meanwhile, my coworker also brought his kid over. His kid refuses to go to sleep, so I hardly get a break. No breaks to work, no breaks to hang out with my own kid, no breaks to talk to my husband.

I did recently take an evening walk on July 4 with my coworkers. We watched the fireflies and listened to the fireworks and the rain came down. A somewhat romantic thing to do with coworkers. More like something I'd do with my family, it's true.