Ridge Walks

Along the narrow, cedar section of the ridge
When we first moved to Pohatcong just over two years ago, spring finally came. Prior to spring we'd explored the woods. When the forest became green, so did our nursery. We barely left the confines of the deer fence - the heavily used and long abused farm field and home landscape. 

We saw many ruderal plants, and we celebrated them - lambsquarters, fleabane, dandelion, St. Johnswort. When we did exit the fence, well, when we left via another gate besides the driveway...we were rewarded each time we entered the forest. We tossed a fence around a couple lonely hepaticas and completely alone showy orchis.

This year, a few things have changed. We've taken on more business responsibilities, and our business has grown. Yet, we're more settled. We have better equipment that we've carefully chosen. And, our son is bigger. His own legs can carry him up the ridge and back down, farther than they have in years prior to this one. I also am no longer Beren's shadow. He's a capable woodsman.

Here are some of our rewards - 

Early saxifrage

 Linden - edible (and tasty) young foliage. Always been a favorite tree.
 Wild strawberry

 Columbine, Beren & I call the flowers "nectar pops"

Hearkening back to my art school days, I call this "Untitled #301". Why? Because I don't know what fern or sedge this is.

 Up he goes

 Up he goes

 Jack-in-the-Pulpit, the one and only

Hop hornbeam

Rockcap fern rhizome scrambles across the ridge.

Looking towards the Alpha Grasslands, hidden in the mist

Columbine and untitled #46 sedge

Trees on the ridge have personality and adversity

 Moss phlox - the right timing brings new sights