Getting hitched

When I was a little girl, I imagined I'd marry my dad one unspecified day. I told Jared about bedtime tonight and how I thought most kids might imagine themselves marrying their mother or father. Pause. No comment from Jared. Then, "Well, if your telling Beren you give someone a ring because you'll love them forever, it all makes sense."
Jared and I have woven tales of weddings into bedtime stories the past few months. Soon, Beren will wear his first pair of dress pants, dress shirt, and a bow tie. He will be the ring bearer for his uncle's wedding.

Tonight, I described how his uncle and his future aunt will be handsome and beautiful. That they'll be smiling. The woman is often called "the bride" and the man is called "the groom" I told him. "That's funny. A groom is someone who combs their hair," Beren said. 

"There are special jobs that people do in weddings. The groomsmen and the bridesmaids are important friends of the groom and bride. They'll be wearing pretty clothes," I said. "There are also two jobs for kids. One kid carries a treasure chest with rings in it."

"One of the rings is for me. And there's chocolate covered strawberries in the treasure chest, too," Beren added.

"Yes, there's two kid sized rings and two big people rings. The small rings are for you and Cheetah. The big rings are for Uncle Adam and Kristin."


"You know how Papa and I wear our silver rings? We gave them to each other when we got married. They show that we love each other forever."

"Momma, when I marry you, I'll give you a golden ring."

"Oh, that's very nice sounding, Beren."

"And you'll give me a golden ring with a daffodil on it."

The rest of story time involved Beren and his special bracelet that made him invisible so that the treasure box floated towards Uncle Adam and Krisitin who were surprised to see a box floating towards them. Other items, like cookies, were added to the treasure chest. 

Love, how sweet it is!