Dingy grey, dingy faded

 One dingy jacket, through the years, December 16, 2012
 March 23, 2014

 March 5, 2015
 February 19, 2010

Just packed away the booty acquired on my trip to ShopRite. On my way out of the kitchen I deflected a punch from an imaginary attacker, sealed his arm down, and countered by sweeping his right leg out. I stepped over the attacker so I could put my fraying shoulder bag away.

I continued down the hall and hung up the clothespin bag and miscellaneous canvas shopping bags. At the store, I noted how grungy the reusable shopping bags looked as a young woman helped me pack up my groceries. Similarly, I note how frayed and dingy my shoulder bag is every time I toss it down on the table at my Kung fu class. I usually try to hide it under my coat which is also getting pretty dingy, except it's black so it's getting dingy-faded.

My shoulder bag is getting both dingy-grey and dingy-faded because it has a pastel paisley pattern on a black background. I think about that dingy bag often. Every week, at least once at Kung fu class. Sometimes more, especially if my shoulder is bothering me, because then I think, "I really have to replace this thing." Not only is it dingy, but it adds to my bad habit of bunching my shoulders up like I'm flinching. Is someone going to come along and hit me? Maybe stress will. Relax, man.

It's time for deeper pockets. Screw replacing the dingy bag. It's about to fall off my coat hook anyway. Too many bulky jackets. Well, maybe I shouldn't toss it. Then I'd have to shop for better pants with deep pockets. Besides the dingy bag is covering up my two dingy winter jackets.