Bedtime Forever

 New moccasins from Uncle Mike...all the way from Oregon.

Tonight, Beren murmured, "Long book, long book, long book," while he selected his bedtime story. He chose Mother Goose rhymes by Richard Scarry, king of long, oversized books. Perhaps his publisher or estate is to blame. Regardless, the Richard Scarry section of our library needs its own very tall shelf.

We settled into reading, commenting on Georgy Porgy...if the girls didn't want kisses, why would he kiss them? That didn't make much sense to us. No kisses means no kisses. Grind his bones to make bread?! Bones don't make very good flour, we also agreed. 

Hush! Hush! Hush! I smell a rat! No fool anymore, Beren told me I made a mistake when editing down a dozen verses across two pages to just two verses. Busted, I went back to the start of the rhyme and read it all. Our mittens mother dear...

Lights out. Beren and I wove together the nightly improvisational Cheetah Story that Jared start years ago. The characters include Cheetah, Beren, and the Wild Cat Contractors, all of whom are people Beren tells me. Cheetah wears cheetah outfits he adds.

Cheetah, Beren and the gang build with snow until each animal, I mean, person, gets tired. Misi and Kitty go inside first where Cheetah Momma warms them. Then, Checkers and Spots head in. Mr Raccon and Harry Possum head home, big enough to care for themselves. Cheetah and Beren remain outside, snuggled under warm blankets inside their igloo. Jared and I arrive to check out the igloo.

Next, is Favorite Cuddle time. Favorite Cuddle lasts forever, Beren tells me. I agree. Why didn't nummies last forever? he asks.