New Years Eve 2015

New years. On this holiday I celebrate by writing a new year on checks, Excel files, and within my digital photo filing system.

An invitation to a party might be nice. The last time I went to a party was when Jared and I lived in Queens. We found ourselves in a loft apartment (a real loft apartment - cold, big as in actual big not New York borough big, concrete floors, dusty) in Brooklyn. The party was held by a friend's son. We knew no one, and found ourselves sitting atop a wooden platform  high above the partygoers. Next to us, a fight was brewing. It seemed like it would a boring yet still physical fight. Jared and I moved on. A popular dance song bleated and blipped in the background. I say "background" because although the music was loud, no one danced. No one.

The prospects of a rowdy party tonight are nil. It's 9:25 pm and Beren is finally asleep. Jared's doing some research online. I'm writing a blog.

Nevertheless, next year is going to be a good one.