Time Flies

It ain't right that glow sticks don't last forever.

I could say, "It's no big deal, kiddo", but there are many things that don't last forever. Some of them have made me sad. So, it ain't right.

We all had a good time dancing around the living room sharing two glow sticks between us last night. It's definitely not all right that those glow sticks disappointed us tonight.

A couple nights ago, I read Beren bedtime stories. I turned off the lights, and Beren handed me "Duck".

"This duck is forty years old," I thought. Duck was my duck when I was a baby. It's balding pattern was accelerated by my infant gums.

My son is aging out of "T" sized clothes. He's going to a school. His jokes are increasingly sophisticated. Time flies, and with every wingbeat  a memory is blurred or lost.