If I could bottle something, it would be the sound of Beren's laughter. It's born of the fountain of youth. When Jared and I get a good laugh going, I age backwards.


One afternoon I noticed a long black strand in my cup of coffee. I kept drinking it. The strand went in my mouth. It went back into the cup. I sipped until I could see what it was attached to. Cave cricket.


Luckily, I got Beren buckled up. I was worried there might be a fight. There were already tears. "I don't want to go home!" "Where do you want to go?" "My tractor store!" A few miles down the road and that much closer to home, the conversation was still tearful. "I don't want to go home!" "What color is your tractor store's roof?" "Orange and black." "Stripes or checkers?" "Both." "Does it have curtains?" We made it home ok, but there were more tears and lots of cuddles once I parked the truck in our driveway.


Misheard botany:
Columvine (columbine)
Hot cornbeam (hop hornbeam)


A little boy tells his smiling and stunned parents:

Upon seeing a single sprig 6" long, "Is that knotweed?"

While driving 65 down Route 78, "That's all autumn olive." and then, "Was that sumac?"

Walking in our field, which was conventional corn and soy before we (trashed it - likely what the local corn and soy boys think) (recovered it - what we think) (you decide), "This is box elder, not poison ivy, because the stem is glaucous."

I've often said that anyone can learn plants, and I think I'm learning that's true.