A couple nights ago, I tossed the painstaking instructions for a bunch of Lego sets. I was on a cleaning, reorganizing, tidying tear at 11 p.m. I didn't dare wait a week until the recycling pick up. They'd be discovered for certain, and then, I'd hear: "My stuff is in the recycling. WHY?!? How did this happen?!?"

The trash was picked up this morning. There's no going back.

Evidence of Lego-related injury
After climbing back on the couch, getting a little cuddling, turning little whimpers into little giggles, and making this photograph, Beren told us, "There were two bad things about today. The chip bag getting wet and falling into the Legos."

Goofin'. "This is garbage!" Beren says and laughs. He loves to empty the toaster oven crumb catcher.