Four and half and it's spring

"I have a store called Wrecking Ball Fun," Beren tells us. Sounds like a store in Japan, Jared and I agree.
If a parent uses patience and kindness, a four year old will eventually stop crying and tell you why a day was "mixed up" and things were "turned out". A Mountain Kitten can also help with distraction and wiggly cuddles.

I love when we work together as a family, when things go spontaneously well. Spontaneous, ha! I think Jared and I continually considering how to make things work. Then again, there really are those moments when everyone takes up their role with ease.

Parent-child art at home. I wish there were more parent-child classes. I love watching other teachers. I like sitting back a being a bit of a kid - there's some other adult in charge, and I get to be with my child, too. I love watching teachers who are loose, relaxed, and have only the expectation that something will happen and the child will lead the way.
I found myself prodding and coaching Beren at a craft table at Warren County Preservation Day. The project was to make a dream catcher. "Back off!" I told myself. I chatted with the woman running the table and another mom who had brought her daughter to the craft table. Turns out, we're country neighbors (we will in the same township), we have a couple mutual acquaintances, and I'd actually been introduced to her husband by those acquaintances via email when I was looking for names of plumbers.

When I finally looked down, Beren had nearly finished coloring his creation of beaded pipe cleaners and feathers. It looked like a peace sign.

Night, Animals. Duck, who is in the middle, got extra blankets to cover the belly area. This was so sweet, I had to take a photo.