Taking a Hit

While at kung fu class, I found myself getting "punched" repeatedly in a two person drill. It was more like being tapped, not actually punched. We were working on accuracy strikes and blocks, and were not adding power.
Nevertheless, I wondered what I could do better. Certainly, my speed, aim, and stance could be improve. That's why I'm there after all.

While I'd rather never be punched, I'd also like to learn to take a hit properly. If I can do that, I'm more likely to get tapped than truly hit. And, should I get hit one day, perhaps I'd react with some shred of what I've learned. Yes, so I'll take those taps.

It's funny... I work really hard to live in a peaceful and harmonious home. I prefer to choose friends who are empathetic, with whom conflicts are rare, quite rare, if ever.

I travel among people who, at least on the surface, also share these values. Fist fights at barbecues never break out. Many of us might be shocked and embarrassed if our kids tore each others hair and kicked each other.

And yet, honestly, I love kung fu. I'm nothing more than a novice, but when I break a sweat and feel my internal energy flowing - I sparkle.

All that work making peace... All those times someone else took the life of an animal so I could eat... All those easy, danger-free moments in modern life... All those bad days that are mental or emotional punches, not physical ones... Sometimes, I'd rather exchange a few taps.