Siblings, boy and cat

Yep, that's the cat's head in the crook a Beren's arm. And no, that Lululemon bag is not mine.

Life's gotten in the way of writing lately. I've just been waiting for spring. Finally, spring has the plants jumping out of the ground. It started a couple days ago and is now very real.

I'll go easy on myself and not go for craft, but for a little quantity. Here we go...

Beren and Mountain Kitten are like siblings. Beren totes Mountain around like a sack. Mountain tolerates, if not enjoys it, I think. Then, they'll tussle.

It can go a few ways:

Beren might kick Mountain, unprovoked. Parents: "Gentle!"

Beren wants to cuddle Mountain. Mountain wants to play "Catch and Scratch". Parents: "Put him down, Mountain will scratch you."

Beren puts the cat in a box. Choose your own adventure. It can go anywhere from here.

Beren gets scratched. Blame can go either direction. "HE SCRATCHED ME!" or "HE'S NOT DOING ANYTHING. HE DIDN'T SCRATCH ME!"

Mountain happily explores. Beren intercedes to administer totings and cuddlings, or Beren says, "Let's just let Mountain do his thing. We're gonna let Mountain do his thing." It's nice to hear your saner self reflected.

Mountain jumps on the counter (no-no). Beren shrieks, "NO, MOUNTAIN! GET DOWN!" It's less nice to hear your other self reflected.

Once after a child-cat scratch out, I took this approach, "You and Mountain are friends..." "MOUNTAIN IS NOT MY FRIEND!" Alright. Got it. I smiled to myself. Beren's an only child, kind of.

After a day of being toted, boxed, unfriended, and cuddled, Mountain trots upstairs to visit Beren. Sometimes during story time, Beren will be treated to licks on the face (giggles), which devolve into "Catch and Scratch" (cries).

Sometimes after Beren is asleep, Mountain will slip upstairs and climb into Beren's bunk. Usually, we won't notice until we hear a thunk, or a cry from a still sleeping child (lucky cat). Either way, Mountain is deported.

Mountain is inherently social, or a glutton for punishment, or really misses his cat mom. He follows us, especially Beren (The Toter) through the house. He joins us in the bathroom while we take baths. He licks the water from the edge of the tub. He climbs on the tub. Once he went into the tub, courtesy of The Toter. Mountain Kitten joined us again at the next bath time.

The Toter and The Scratcher. I may need to find a copy of Siblings Without Rivalry.