Snow Happy

I like this photo - he looks snowy weary, but we're really snow-happy. He told me he's making his own tracks and "crabbing" the snow - our term for grabbing in a crab-like manner, so I'm not sure exactly what he meant. We went out tracking Monday, and Beren made his own tracks. For anyone who's read Ezra Jack Keats' The Snowy Day, he also made tracks "pointing out like this."

It's been a long winter, but what winter in NJ is short? The cold has been difficult,  long days inside. But, the snow. The snow's pretty, refreshing itself like a wildflower's fresh rank of leaves.

With a wood stove and a farm, we've got nowhere we need to go. It's good.

The deer fence is holding strong, though it seems shorter with every snowfall. The fence causes drifting. I'm thankful we don't have elk. With the help of the drifts, they'd jump the fence.

The gate is ok, too. I worried that the snow would be trouble. Some erosion is keeping the gate from fully opening, but we can still squeeze through, even the truck. The sloping nature of our driveway allows the gate to swing without too much shoveling. I worried about snow and the incline of the driveway. Turns out, it's a benefit. All's just fine. Another reminder to calm the f*ck down. It's good.

So is four wheel drive, and without that we'd need a snow blower. Four wheel drive is good, too.

Fire and four wheel drive. The two F's that make snow ok.