Momma, what is the moon made out of?

What are stars made out of?

Why does the moon go away?

Some of last night's bedtime inquiries. Something about being in bed brings these thing on.

Today, we spent the morning and into the afternoon with my parents and a good friend putting up the second hoophouse. I asked them questions. Not about the moon, but about how to build things.

Did you know there's a drill bit that is cone shaped and enlarges holes in metal pipe? I didn't. Now I do. I don't know what to call it, but I know it exists. 

And now, I'll have to hit the books on what stars are made of. Better yet, how does one explain "gases floating in space" to a child? It's easier to show him how to safely use a folding razor knife to cut apart the hoop house's wiggle wire track...  and then again, I'm startled at how quickly he can unsheathe the razor. I suppose he'll need both...earthly and celestial knowledge.