Beren watches Papa and Steve play music

The blogs and websites dedicated to the betterment of middle class North Americans are myriad and are awash in product placements. Now, it's my turn, but I promise to not direct you to anywhere to buy anything.

Raffi. Timeless Raffi.

I never knew Raffi's music until recently, but Jared did. Growing up with younger sisters, he listened to so much Raffi, he could probably sing the songs backwards. Because Raffi is so delightful, playing his music backwards would likely reveal an equally sweet, catchy song, but perhaps a B-side that was never released to the wider public.

Anyway, Raffi. I heard an interview with Raffi on NPR a few months ago, and was so delighted and moved by what he said that I later looked up his music after Beren's bedtime.

Jared picked out a two-CD set on a national online shopping source (remember, no links to websites). I can now sing along with majority of the songs.

While Jared was at an class this evening, Beren and I ran in circles around the house to Raffi. Not big into sing-a-longs, Beren immediately liked Raffi. "Why is this music good?" Beren asked.

Ain't it great to be crazy? I'll be singing that in my dreams...