One of my herbal teachers recently departed this world. I was touched by the day I spent with her and Jared, tasting and making. 

"Here are some flax seeds. Chew. Are you getting the slippery feeling in your mouth?" Not me, but Jared did. "Rosemary. Taste some. Is it warming or cooling?" Cooling, I thought. Warming, Jared said. He was right. We sampled Damiana tincture, which has a reputation for being an aphrodisiac. It was possibly the only thing I got the "right" sensation from. It was a little unusual, but if I were to get anything "right", why not the carnal? 

We inhaled a crock of Rosemary infusing in olive oil. Delicious. We perused Susun Weed books shelved beneath a flowering parsley plant. "I love parsley," she said. We stared into mason jars of macerating echinacea.

A generous spirit, Jeannine taught the class even though only Jared and I signed up. Maybe because she knew us, maybe because she knew our path, possibly before we even did. She'd turn out to our first guide among the healing plants.

Thank you, Jeannine.