I'm always carrying so much stuff. I think heaven might be going somewhere with nothing, not even change in my pockets.

The scene: snowy driveway after dark.
The characters: Mother carrying 4 bags, mostly filled with boy's winter clothing.  Boy, about 4 years old.

Mother opens gate and drives car into driveway. She unbuckles child and gathers bags. Boy exits car and walks towards the gate. Mother struggles with bags.

Boy: Momma, I'll get the gate for you since you have so many bags.

Mother's heart melts. Thinks: He has empathy. 

Boy struggles with gate. Boy: I can't do it. 

Mother: Yes, you can. Go closer to the edge and pull. You'll have more leverage.

Boy walks to the center of the gate and bangs it shut. Boy: I did it.

Mother: Yes. Yes, you did. Thank you.