Dial 2-1

View of parents from 39 1/2"

Today, we went to Yonkers to look through Jared's grandmother's belongings. It was a little sad, but the the busy nature of the day carried me through.

As Jared's sisters sorted through items, I thought of myself, years passed, sorting through my own grandmothers' things. At the time, I felt as though I wanted to take many things. Some clothing I left in plastic so I could smell my maternal grandmother's perfume. My paternal grandmother's scent I was less  able to capture. She was a smoker, but it's not cigarettes that remind me of Grandma. Good Polish food on the boil does. I can smell it now.

We decided to not talk about death with Beren. He hadn't seen Nana in a long while.

He has some ideas. He watched a car kill a chipmunk this summer. He's smacked bugs and said, "I deaded it." He has not yet made the connection between delicious chicken and feathered, pecking chickens who lay eggs.

Well, this writing was interrupted by stomping footsteps and banging at the door by a not yet sleepy four-year-old. I was hoping for an earlier bedtime, but I did learn two important things that I will share with you: "Dial 2-1 to make bad dreams go away. 2-5-9 brings good dreams," so says one sleepy four-year-old.