At 8:15 in the evening I look outside, and exclaimed, "It's snowing!" We huddled at the door, watching huge flakes cover the ground. "Let's go outside!" Beren said. Though on the cusp of bedtime, we agreed. The first snow in a new home happens only once, after all.

Two pairs of mittens were quickly soaked. And we eventually retreated inside. Tearfulness indicated bedtime's cusp had passed.

At parent's bedtime, we did our own rituals - talk, light snack, draw a glass of water, and head upstairs. Despite our intentions to stay awake, we drifted to sleep. I woke in a hot cocoon of pajamas, bathrobe and quilt. I heard Beren whimper and cough. I climbed into his bed to comfort him back to sleep.

The following morning, Jared and I peered into Beren's room as he woke. He rubbed his eyes and didn't notice our stare. He peered outside. The snow was still there. By 9:00 AM, early by our standards, we'd already been out for about a half hour.

Our farm

By 10:00 AM we were in the truck heading to Duke Farms. While Jared taught a class, we spent our time in the orchid greenhouses. And so, I add my photographs on the Orchid Range to what must be thousands or more images of the Duke Farms orchid collection.

 Reminds me of Jewelweed.

Reminds me of Tradescantia.

 And, Indian paintbrush.