Last stand against the dishes

Farm takes over the house.

Each autumn, part of our kitchen counter, despite best intentions, becomes a sea of plastic bags filled with seeds to sort and process. When an especially sensitive or important seed collection arrives on the kitchen counter, out comes the seed cleaning equipment. The blender dedicated to large seeded fruits, sandpaper, seed screens, strainers, leftover containers, envelopes...

Inactivity takes over corners of the house.

Jared thoroughly vacuumed the house, maybe last month. Tonight, Beren and I put his stuffed animals and wooden circus toy set to bed. We built them bunk beds from cedar blocks Jared and I gotten as a gift for our wedding. As I turned to reach for another stuffed animal, I was surprised at the web of dust next to his toy box. A similar web is attached to the nightstand in my bedroom. There's a less dusty rectangle on the bottom shelf of the nightstand - the imprint of a book, probably one of Jared's.

Dishes takes over the house.

Beren nursed continually for the first years of his life, or so it seemed to me at times. Now he eats continuously. Jared used to call him 'chickadee' because Beren was in ceaseless motion. Beren does occasionally rest for a moment or cuddle briefly, but really he's still a chickadee - always moving, always eating. And thus, either Jared or I am continuously washing dishes.

For a couple days, I'll reuse a cup, until it's filmy with fingerprints. If my lips sense a crust of leftover food, it's time to wash it. I'll brush crumbs from a plate from a previous meal and reuse it. A meal of eggs, meat, or one of an excessively oily nature sends a dish right to the sink, but I suppose I could refrigerate the plate and slow any bacterial growth. Perhaps I'll try that some time.

Last week, I pulled from the sink an unwashed bowl that had held Jared's snack of ice cream. I grabbed the unwashed spoon he used and served myself a heap of chocolate ice cream. It was delicious, especially since I didn't need to wash one more bowl and spoon.

This is my last stand against the dishes. I know I will lose.