Momma, why do you like orange so much?

Through love all things can be changed. Beren's Oma used to hate the color orange. She now likes it. Why? Because her grandson loves it.

"Momma, why do you like orange so much?" Beren asks. Actually, it's Beren who likes orange so much. Though when he was 2 or so, he really disliked orange...

Most mornings we asks to put on the "bright orange" shorts and shirts. Both are hunter orange. He tells me he'd like to remove the white, athletic style stripes that run down each leg.

For better or for worse, Walmart regularly stocks bright orange clothes with nothing else to get in the way of the orange, except stripes. The hunter orange shorts from the Carter's outlet in Flemington have the wide grey stripes. They popular until the hunter orange shorts with just skinny white stripes came home from Walmart.

I've tried the consignment shops, but alas, they're not really on the way to anything, and shopping for a boy who likes color is already difficult enough.

Those short are brown, dudint (that's "doesn't" for yous non-locals) matter that it's from Baby Gap or Luxaby in Princeton.

Momma, it's brown. I don't like brown. I like all colors, Momma. I don't like brown or beige or grey. I like orange and red and blue and orange… OK, kiddo, it's still made in China for pennies anyway. We'll hit Walmart after we go food shopping at Shop Rite.

So Walmart it is.

But then, while dressing on one tough, somber morning, Beren told me, "Momma, no, no colors. I want no colors. Just dark." He put on his black shorts, he does like black, and his adorable brown "I brake for bacon" t-shirt.

After breakfast and play time, he told me he would wear bright colors again.