Stick with us, we got some plans

My stubbly lawn

Checking the mail and hanging laundry are two of my great joys of new home ownership status.

Mail...I don't share a mailbox with landlords any more. It's mine. All mine. When the red plastic flag on the mailbox was busted, it was my problem. When Beren and I sawed it off with a hacksaw and then I couldn't find a matching bolt and nut to repair it and felt hopeless and ineffective. My problem. When rain trickled into the resulting hole, my problem. 

That I had to use masking tape to temporarily fix the flag so the mortgage payment would be picked up by the mail lady, was my problem. My problem until my Dad gave me two, yes two, matching bolt and nut sets to fix the mailbox flag. Then I put the flag on upside down, my problem and I don't care because it works.

All the junk mail, including the coupons and offers I will never use are mine. I wish they wouldn't arrive, but I open them anyway. Maybe there's something good? Nope, I don't need a lawn service, blinds, or my driveway paved. We're good. It's our house, so it's our choice. Though the size of the bank account does make many choices for us. 

On top of this Highlands mountainside, my laundry dries. It dries quickly. This means the circulation is good. The air moves, it's not stagnant, though it is filled with mosquitoes. The laundry smells good. It's fresh, rough and stiff, just like the line dried laundry I grew up with. 

Then, another joy is not mowing our lawn. We don't have a mower. A neighbor asked if we wanted to borrow one. Nope. They're nice folks, interested folks. They slow down to observe the tree we had taken down in front of the house. Nosy. 

But, you know what's great? It's my stinking tree. It's my house. I can stop mowing, I don't live in the 'burbs or town. I live on a farm road. There's lots of farm yards here, filled with chickens, cats, and weeds. My yard is one of them. 

My yard. Nope, I don't need a mower. I'm whispering in the bumble bees' ears. "You think this white clover is good? Stick around. Stick with us. We've got some plans for this place."

Our place.