Seeking owners of old farmhouses. Possible LTR.

Walking down a road in our extended neighborhood, Jared and I notice a house. Nicely done new siding. It's a unique and very old farmhouse.

Before I had a child, it seemed no one had babies. Once Beren was born, everyone had kids, though few exactly his age... Similarly as a new homeowner, it seems everyone owns an old farmhouse. I especially eye the ones with slate roofs like ours.

A minivan pulls up. A mom drives with her three young daughters. We slow our pace and wave. We wait until they get out of the vehicle, reining in Beren whose goal was reaching a nearby bridge over a rushing creek. But wait, they have kids and an old farmhouse.

We chat. "We did the three week version of This Old House," Jared tells the mom. "We did the three year version," she relates. "It looks great," I tell her. "The house was derelict. I couldn't imagine even buying it, but my husband really wanted to be here and live in an old house. It's finally nice."

Jared often says that he thinks we'll replace everything in the house at some point. He's probably right, but in the meantime, we work on the basics.

So one question, poor man's spackle - heavy application of paint to fill in the small cracks between the wall and the trim - yes or no?