Mouse drives four wheeler

On some days I have a great part-time job for Take Your Kid to Work days. This was one of them. This past fall, I drove around a four wheeler pulling a trailer filled with bare root seedling trees and a dibble bar.

Now, if you saw how nervously I drove this number, you'd laugh. My husband was impressed to see the photos, and he shared them with Beren. He, too, was impressed.

Nevertheless, when Beren describes us as an "family of animals", I am a mouse. Jared is a fox. Beren is a tiger. He roars, Jared yips, and and I squeak. Jared tries to defend my masculine femininity: "momma is bigger than a mouse. Maybe she is a different animal?" No, not at all. I get to be a mouse.

But, damn it, I drove a four wheeler for five hours one day! Nope, still a mouse.