Last night I was given the gift of Vision. I was given eyes to see my Vision. Vision that had been there all along. To tend to the earth and soil. To live and share, sing and dance, play music and be with others. This is what I want to do, but is this Vision? Yes, I am told by my circle of sisters.

Sitting in a circle of sisters, I listened and was heard. So many stories, I am reminded that I never know the load that a stranger or even a friend is carrying. At times, we can put our burdens down and then pick them up again, or perhaps it's that the baggage was fraying dropping weight all along, but then dragging in the mud and ice, we pick up rocks and ice.suddenly the load is heavy again.

And so I find we all agree last year was difficult, up and down. This new year we are optimistic. It will be lighter, more joyful. I accept the vision of the majority, let this year be quiet and peaceful.

And so my son fell asleep soundly and quickly in my arms. I tell my husband of my Vision. In that Vision he sees a human vision, one that has been lived and shared for all time, perhaps until recent times. And so, I go with my new and old Vision.

Be well and blessings.