precursor to leaping

precursor to leaping

Is it cabin fever or a growth spurt? For the past several days Beren has been leaping. Not the long jump, not sashaying. Leaping. Belly flopping.

Beren's birthday gift was a homemade 36" by 18" workbench. (or there about. Jared designed it and did the cutting and assembling. I urethaned it, in a familiar division of labor that was handed down from our parents). Our house is already built out, crammed with furniture. After all, we once believed we had room for no couches, and we now have two. 

The newly introduced birthday workbench bumped the toybox to the dining room. The toybox provides a step up to a window that connects to our bedroom. Beren climbs from the toybox, onto the windowsill, swings around, and steps up onto his dresser. From the dresser he leaps onto his mattress which is on the floor. It's probably a 3 1/2 foot drop. 

Beren also climbs onto Jared's and my bed and into a different large framed out window. Sometimes he sits on his "birdie perch." Other times, he slides down onto an armchair. From there, he clambers onto the arm and leaps towards the couch about 3 to 4 feet away, depending on where the chair is. 

At times, he sticks the landing. Frequently, he belly flops onto the edge of the couch. Jared catches him, too. Very infrequently, Beren leaps from the couch back towards the armchair. Oof. The armchair is not deluxe. It lacks cushy padding. 

Each time Beren sticks a landing or flops, Jared belly laughs. Beren is his father's best medicine. Jared reserves a very particular, honest, and deep laugh for his son's adventures. 

At the commencement of dynamic leaping, I thought I should discourage this, but Jared had already encouraged it. I decided that I'd set guidelines. While leaping: No food, No sticks or objects in hand, No objects tossed from perches. Also, No playing with the telephone on top of the dresser. I'm glad all our furniture is secondhand.