Happy Birthday to Us

Three years ago at this time, I held my three hour old newborn in my arms. I can honestly say that I am a changed person because of the past three years. In moments or maybe hours or days, depending on how I'm calculating my time spent laboring to give birth, life changed.

Where I went, how I went, and when I went, all changed because I became we. I had long been a we, as Jared and I often went together, but this we-some, this threesome was different. Profoundly so.

Before this date three years ago, I might have had a book on my lap, or perhaps Jared's had may have rested on my knee. And then, I found a baby on my lap and there he stayed on and on. Once and awhile, I'd lay him on our bed while he slept. And once, I looked at the bed and was startled to see a baby there. I had forgotten I had one of those.

Each day we learn how to live together, a threesome. We are creators, negotiators. We love. We disagree. We try things out. We say new words. We arrange for the good of the group, and sometimes for just one. Our alliances shift. We take turns. Our resumes are quite long, the tasks varied, simple and difficult. Unceasing and wonderful.

Mother. Father. Child. Wife. Husband. Son.