Brain Balls

Brain Balls 
How do I occupy my time now that the holidays are over? And yes, they are over. A holiday that starts after bedtime is not one for families with young children.

We occupied some free time this holiday season by making Brain Balls. Uh huh. That's right. Brain Balls.
Mixing the herbs
I was inspired after watching a video with Rosemary Gladstar called "Herbal Pills: Zoom Balls". Jared and I agreed that she seemed to quietly delight in saying the word "balls" again and again.

Balls, this particular type of balls, are powdered herbs mixed with nut butter, tahini, and honey. She suggests adding optional ingredients like coconut, chocolate chips, and carob.

Besides the lightly giddy use of the word "balls", two other items firmed my appreciation for Rosemary. When discussing nut butters, she mentioned that you could also use peanut butter. Though it was not as easily digested as almond butter, it was more affordable. And, of course, herbalism is a medicine of the people and should be accessible to all. Regarding chocolate, she says again that this is an optional ingredient, but she clearly likes it.

Thus, we have a simple, affordable, and tasty manner in which to consume herbs daily.

The day I made Brain Balls (December 26) was one of those cooped up kind of days, where everyone as trying to get something done and recovering from the excitement of Christmas day. I pulled out my copy of Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health and tried to determine how much almond butter, tahini, and honey I'd need. The recipe was in parts rather than cups. Beren contributed by making and repeating demands that I tried to ignore as Jared tried to assist me with the recipe.

"I can't think straight with all this noise!" I said.

"Just listen, if you want to have bzzzbxxxzz so you'll end up with about kkrsshrgzxxxx amount of moist ingredients," Jared said. [Beren talking in the background, or the foreground, actually].

"Beren, can you wait a moment? Really, I cannot focus," I said.

"Rachel, this is what you need to do. You have 2 parts of the…" Jared continued.

"OK! I am just going to do this! You want pickles?!?! OK!! HERE ARE SOME PICKLES. I'm going to make these Brain Balls now," I said.

I sensed that Jared was disappointed and irritated that I couldn't accept (or hear) his help. But, Beren had won this round. He had created enough static in the lines so his parents could not have an adult conversation. I was determined to make Brain Balls, so I ceased communications and dove into my foxhole - an stainless steel bowl that I intended to fill with herbs.

Beren was my herb grinder. In succession, we added, ground, and then measured gotu kola, rosemary, and gingko. He really dislikes loud noises, including the electric herb grinder, which I purchased at a yard sale. I knew he'd have to operate it, or he'd become upset by the "racket".

I mixed the honey, tahini, and almond butter. Jared's suggested proportions were ultimately in the ballpark. I added Sinerian ginseng, carob, goji berries, and coconut to the herb powders. With the moist ingredients, I rolled the balls. They're delicious.