Rough Deal(ership)

Picking phragmites at the dealership

Beren and I took one for the team. While Jared worked, Beren and I spent a couple of Fridays ago at the dealership. It was supposed to be a $19.95 oil change and a recall. We subbed the recall for a rear brake change and came out a bit poorer. I felt a bit put on the spot, but I went for it. My cell temporarily blinked out when I left Beren's water bottle open in my bag, so I couldn't call Jared for back up.

Sitting on the floor of the carpeted playroom of the dealership (I'm thankful that children get a waiting room, too, but it wasn't that much fun anyway), the technician loomed over me, friendly. "OK, how long will it take?"

We left a couple hours later very ready for lunch.